Katie Thunig

Katie Thunig

Spiritual Coach
Certified Coach | $1.04 USD per minute
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Coaching Specialty

I work with people of all faiths who want more than anything to feel more deeply connected to God. So, with God as the goal, I coach you on everything related to your spiritual practice. Topics I’ve coached on include and are not limited to: - Developing a closer relationship with God - Removing the blocks between you and God - Building the habit of turning to God instead of addictions and other “counterfeit comforts” - Developing a morning routine for your spiritual practice - Improving your meditation practice - Exploring different spiritual teachings and finding your path - Staying more present and centered - Making decisions that are line with your values - Looking at your relationships from a spiritual perspective - Being more open, honest and transparent in relationships - Forgiving and letting go of grievances - Improving emotional resilience - Expanding your comfort zone - Developing your trust in God by working through fears that are holding you back from surrendering - Gaining courage to follow divine guidance and intuition - Looking at everything that comes up in life as an opportunity for your spiritual growth - Unwinding from mind drama and seeing things from a new perspective - Gaining greater awareness, vigilance and control over your mind and thoughts

My Favorite Moments in Coaching

I love when my clients suddenly see something in a new way and have an aha moment that lights them up. I feel so inspired when I see my clients learning and growing from their experiences. And I love reminding them of the ways they’ve grown and seeing how that encourages them to keep going. One time, the person I was coaching set a goal for herself - and when she told me this goal, I was sensing a little hint of frantic, desperate energy coming from her. I brought it to light, and she appreciated that and she said "you know, this is where I've failed in the past because I tried to do too much all at once and go to extremes." This conversation had such an impact because we felt like we were so close, and it showed me how as a coach when we're calm and present we can pick up on nuances and feelings behind the client's words.


"The session could have easily turned to where Katie went into making all kinds of recommendations, but that didn’t happen. She kept the conversation focused on me and allowed me to lead the session. She held space for me to share my concerns and to process through the frustration I was feeling while trying to work around my digestion issue. Dealing with chronic health issues or things that have been bothering us for some time can really wear us thin after a while. There have been many times when I haven’t felt listened to and heard. So to have Katie hold space for me, to allow me to just process through and share what I was feeling, was very welcome." "Katie supported me and allowed me to take the lead as opposed to shoving recommendation after recommendation down my throat. At the end of the day, I’m the one who has to take the steps, and Katie made sure I was totally comfortable and on board with my plan for moving forward." "I love how Katie points out and highlights when I’m using my strengths, because I don’t always recognize them myself." "Katie is empowering, empathetic, and great at holding space and being positive and encouraging. She always celebrates what I’ve already been doing, which is so important especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather in terms of my progress."

My Career Background, Qualifications, Education, and Memberships

I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I earned my certification as a Holistic Health Coach. I am also certified by the NBHWC as a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I used to be totally obsessed with Led Zeppelin and wanted so badly to go back in time and see them on tour.
  • When I was little, I was really into bugs and wanted to be an entomologist when I grew up.
  • I used to think sauerkraut was gross, until I tried the homemade kind. Now I always have a batch fermenting in my kitchen.

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