Martha Jean Mearns

Martha Jean Mearns

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching Graduate
Certified Coach | $1.04 USD per minute
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Coaching Specialty

Emotional intelligence and emotional development. I help my clients learn the what, why and how of their emotions and how that relates to and effects their life choices.

My Favorite Moments in Coaching

My favorite moments in coaching are seeing my client have their "lightbulb moments" when they stop, see, and truly feel how far they have come in our coaching journey. It's my joy and my role to remind them, and the motivation and energy that comes from doing this is so addictive and contagious. I love seeing my clients enjoy the fruits of their own labor, and it tastes so sweet.


"As my coach, Martha makes me feel like I can do or say anything, and she will not judge me at all. Coaches aren't suppose to judge anyway, but I don't think a judgmental thought ever even tempts her! I also love how she keeps me on target when I go off topic in ten different directions." - A client who has been working with me for over one year

My Career Background, Qualifications, Education, and Memberships

I studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and earned my certification as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). I also earned certification from iPEC as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Early in life at the age of 12, I started working in the family-care field including being a nanny, and later in life I worked as a professional organizer. Because of my work with families and multiple generations from baby to grandparents, I think I may have a unique perspective on emotional intelligence and development.

Fun Facts About Me

  • I wear flip flops year round.
  • I ran a photography business for years and still do it has a hobby.
  • I collect Coca-Cola memorabilia (obsessively).

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