Who is THAT person?

  • Do you find yourself FEELING ANXIOUS about that person?
  • Does that person have the POWER to ruin your day?
  • Do you want to improve the QUALITY of that relationship but you don’t know how?
  • Have other books, workshops, or advice helped a little bit but NOT ENOUGH?

Designing healthy boundaries through The Five Boundaries Workshop™ will change the direction of your life and THAT relationship.

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Check out the many benefits of purchasing The Five Boundaries Workshop™.

  • Access to 100% original content including 13 videos and a 21-page workbook that becomes like an instruction manual for any human relationship in your life.
  • Finish the workbook and videos in 7 to 13 weeks, based on your preferred schedule. (Finish sooner if your schedule allows. It’s self-paced!)
  • Experience once or twice-a-week interactive lectures on-demand from anywhere in the world at anytime of the day or night.
  • By the end of this workshop you will have created a practical boundaries strategyand committed to a specific three-month boundaries challenge.
  • This course is therapist-approved! Accredited professional therapists have reviewed, approved, and endorsed The Five Boundaries Workshop™.
  • Within one year of your purchase, you can re-take this workshop for each relationship in your life that needs enhancement or improvement.
  • You’re never alone! Chat with Cyndi and other workshop attendees on the private web page for each lecture and also through a PRIVATE Facebook Group.
  • Enjoy the privacy of taking this workshop by yourself; the other person is not needed for this workshop! We’re concentrating on you and what you control.
  • Your own accredited personal coach, Cyndi McCoy, will lead you through a brand new way of looking at your relationship with that person.
  • Complete a rigorous inventory of your current relationshi
Your Workshop Instructor

Cyndi McCoy,  B.Phil. (Hons),  A.C.C.

After winning awards in arts and academia, including one year at Oxford University, Cyndi discovered the life-changing impact of personal coaching. Some of the most profound changes in her life were the result of one-on-one personal coaching conversations. The consistent results of personal coaching drove Cyndi to study three personal coach training programs, earn her credentials from the International Coach Federation, found a coaching company serving six countries, design her own personal coaching software, create the Five Boundaries Workshop™, and design a coach training program. Cyndi’s skills and passion are in helping you make change happen in any of the 7 areas of life – your relationships (family, social, and professional), your health, money, physical surroundings, fun & stress relief, time management, and worldview.

Check out what professional therapists say about The Five Boundaries Workshop™.

“This course suits people who are natural people pleasers and find themselves caught in a cycle of relationships where they are taken advantage of and find it hard to express their needs or even identify their needs.”

Linda Gray, B. Hum Serv, M. Couns, ACA
Relationship Sanctuary, QLD, Australia

“The Five Boundaries program is challenging and thought provoking. In my own experience I found the Five Boundaries program enabled me to more effectively manage my tricky relationships. Each worksheet and video is like a solid stepping stone in quicksand, providing a place of stability and safety in an otherwise potentially treacherous landscape.”

Jo Gore, B.A. Psych, M. Int. Soc. Dev., Grad Dip EFT
PACFA Reg. Clinical, ARCAP registered
   JoGoTherapy, NSW, Australia


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